Use this page for Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I really want to follow what is going on, but am bad about checking in. Can I get updates and news sent to me?
  2. What is the HOA?
  3. Where do we meet?
  4. Can I contact Lordon directly?
  5. Can I contact the HOA Board directly?
  6. I see trespassers in our private areas.
  7. I keep seeing people walk their dogs without leashes
  8. I’ve lost power in my  bathrooms but none of my fuses are blown
  9. I wish to make changes to my house,  do I need to inform anyone?
  10. Where can I get an overnight parking permit?
  11. Where can I get touch up paint for the new colors?
  12. Is my house brown, tan, or peach?
  13. Can I paint my wrought iron fence without approval?
  14. My insurance company is asking for a declaration form (Certificate of Liability) from the association.


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The Homeowners’  Association.  This is a non profit organization formed for the benefit of the shareholders (homeowners) and to preserve and increase the value of their investment.


Lordon Management’s
office, 1275 Center Court, Covina CA, 91724. Starting in May, 2012, we will be meeting on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm.


Sure!    (626) 967-7921 ext 3352 will take you directly to our Community Manager


Sure,  use the “Contact Us” page or click here .


Private property,  not a park.   We own it,  we pay for its upkeep

Call the San Dimas Sheriff’s office non-emergency number and let them know. You can reach them at (909) 599-1261

.    This is very important,  as this is a private area,  not a public park.


This is becoming a big problem for our community. People have been bitten, and other dogs have been killed because of unleashed dogs. This is both in violation of city code, as well as the CC&Rs for our community. Contact Inland Valley Humane Society for enforcement of the leash law at (909) 623-9777.  Also inform the board or Lordon of any issues.


The GFCI protection in our houses is located in the garage.   It covers all of the bathrooms in the house.  If you  are experiencing power loss in the bathrooms,   and did not find a tripped circuit breaker in your electric panel,  your GFCI plug may have been tripped.  During the time our houses were built,  building code allowed these to be placed in the garage.  It is an easily overlooked location as many people have put shelving units in that may block the GFCI plug from plain view.    See more information here.


Changes to the inside of your house,  as long as they’re not structural, are the homeowner’s business.   Changes to the outside of the house need to be approved by the HOA.   The reason for this is that the HOA is responsible for the look of the community,  and the integrity of the outside walls.    These changes include,  but are not limited to,

    • Anything that penetrates the outside wall of the house or is attached to the outside of the house.
      • Satellite dish install. These are of course allowed, but the attachment to the house is important.
      • Windows
      • Doors
    • Anything that changes the look of the outside of the house, or can affect the natural grade and drainage of water. For instance:
      • Tree removal
      • New cement, or walkway
      • Driveway modifications.
      • Large tree addition

A general rule of thumb:  when in doubt,   send in an approval form.   If you have specific questions before doing that,  just contact us.  Otherwise,  download the architectural approval form here.


As we know, overnight parking is prohibited in our city, but permits may be purchased for temporary overnight parking. You can now purchase them online here. You can still purhcase them from the vending machines at the sherriff’s station and in the Vons parking lot at the bottom of the hill in Via Verde.


You can get paint at the Dunn Edwards store in West Covina. They have our codes on file. The codes for our house are:

Clicking on any of the above colors will allow you to download a PDF of the actual paint code. You may want to mention that our houses were painted by Nick Geris & Sons painting.


If you don’t know the color, check out the map in the private area. The private area is password protected, since it should only be visible to homeowners. The password will go out in the December 2009 newsletter. If you need some information sooner, feel free to contact us.


Painting the wrought iron fence? You can paint it as part of normal maintenance. The color of our fences is a stock Dunn Edwards color called “Woodlawn Green.”


If your insurance company is asking for a Certificate of Liability, you can download the 2010-2011 form, or you can also contact Patty at Berg Insurance.