This page is for downloading documents, pictures, and other media. Documents are in PDF format,  and require Adobe Acrobat,  or the free Acrobat Reader,  available HERE.

Archetectural Approval

  • Download the Arch Approval form here

Association Documents

  • Download the Bylaws here
  • Download the Articles of Incorporation here
  • Download the CC&Rs here
  • Download the candidate nomination form for Board members here (best to right-mouse and download the linked file in some browsers).
  • Download a writeup from Michael Berg (Berg Insurance) about properly insuring your property here. (best to right-mouse and download the linked file in some browsers)

Paint Codes

  • Villas Color Sheet

    Click to see full page PDF

    Here is a list of the paint codes.    Match up the color to your house on the map located in the private area.   Password for the private area is in the newsletter,  or you can just contact us.

City, and Police buisness.

  • See the report from the Sherriff’s department on the alarming number of vehicle burglaries here.
  • See the letter from the City of San Dimas regarding the leash law violations here.

Approved Minutes

Since minutes contain names of private residents,  we have opted to keep it in the private area.   The password for this area will be given out in the October newsletter.  If you would like it sooner,  just contact us using the “Contact Us” page.

Past Newsletters

As with minutes,   our newsletters contain names of private residents, Board members, and Lordon employees.   These can be found in the private area.