Garage sale and water restrictions

Hello everyone.    I wanted to pass along some important reminders.   We have another community wide garage sale coming up on June 13.    We’re going to list this on the San Dimas city website.     I’ll try to post signs at the corner of San Dimas & Via Verde,  as well as San Dimas & San Dimas by the sign.    If anyone wants to volunteer to do this, it would be a huge help!

Water restrictions are now in effect.   Per the notice we received in the mail,  if you have an even number address,   your watering days are Monday & Thursday.    For odd numbered addresses,  the days are Tuesday & Friday.     In addition,  important to check that your irrigation system does not cause runoff.   This can be considered a violation of the special conditions (item 6a. on the GSWC letter)

Lastly,  I know many of us have our gardeners set our sprinkler timers.  Some gardeners (mine included) may be unaware of the restrictions.   I recommend communicating with your gardener–if applicable–to make sure your irrigation controls are properly set to avoid penalties from the water company.

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