Random beeps

Hi all.   I’ve noticed at night,  when things are quiet,  I hear random beeps from all directions.     Heard it at the perfect time on my own house.   For those of us with FiOS installations,  we have a battery backup in there that keeps telephones working during a power failure.     If you open up your utility closet–usually where your electric meter is–you’ll find the FiOS unit.    You may have a red light on your box.   If so,  you can silence the alarm,  but it’s best to find a replacement battery.   See attached picture for what mine looks like.   Yours may differ depending on when your installation was done.      Verizon says these are available at most home improvement stores,  I’ve seen them online at Amazon and eBay as well.

Verizon Battery for FiOS

User replaceable FiOS battery

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