Extra Storage

After putting all of the holiday decorations back into bins, and away for the year,  it’s easy to see that storage isn’t abundant in our houses.     This year I decided to utilize the empty space above my roll-up garage door.   It’s not much,  but can easily swallow a dozen bins and some luggage.     For about $100 in lumber and hardware,  and an afternoon for the do-it-yourself’er, you can have a similar setup.


  • 6 lengths of chain, 20″ each
  • 6 lag hooks
  • 6 lag bolts
  • 8 pieces of 2x3x8 lumber
  • 2 sheets of 13/32 plywood 4×8

First,  I used 2x3x8 framing lumber to make a cleat onto the wall above my roll-up garage door.     Due to a beam across the ceiling,  I decided that a 32″ deep shelf would be  the best depth.

framing 01

This shows the cleat and the frame being built

Then I found the studs (ceiling joists) and marked the width of them.  Accurate stud finding is important here.  It’s important that you screw the hooks into the CENTER of the joists.     Hang the chain,  and then while supporting the frame with a ladder,   attach the chain to the frame and place the plywood onto the frame.


further assembly

Attach the rest of the chains,  and level the shelves.    Once they’re up,  nail the plywood to the frame for added strength.  I’m enjoying the added storage!    Contact me if you want detailed instructions or wish to swing by for a look!    You should only do this if you are experienced in construction,  or seek help from a contractor.

Final Shelf 01

Easily makes bins disappear.

Plenty of clearance for roll-up garage door!

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