Irrigation update

Hello, all.   I’m writing this to give you an update on our landscaping.     After the last heat wave,  many of our slopes went dry.   This is especially evident on Calle Adriana and on San Dimas Ave east of Calle Sabina and around Calle Renata.     At the same time,  our watering was increased by our landscapers,  but did not prove effective due to excess runoff.    Our water bills have more than doubled in the recent months.

We discovered that the water saving features of our sprinkler timers were not being used properly.  To rectify this,  with the help of a consultant,  we have now properly programmed our sprinkler timers to avoid runoff on the slopes with shorter, more frequent watering patterns.   Broken weather stations have been replaced, and are now properly communicating to the timers.   You will notice a lot of changes in the coming weeks,  with the times that sprinklers come on,  and for how long.   It will take some time for dry spots to be replanted and fill in.   We are isolating problem areas,  such as the dry spots listed above,  adjustments will be made.
With water prices increasing as they are,  we cannot simply revert to overwatering to fix dry foliage as was done in the past.  With our slopes,  this excess watering produces too much runoff.  On behalf of the entire Board of Directors,  I thank you for your patience.    It will take months to dial everything in,  but in the end we will have our irrigation dialed in and future proof.
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