Covid 19 days

Hello, everyone.    We hope you’re doing well through this time.    If for any reason you need help in our community,  you can contact us through this website,  or just call our manager at the Lordon office.     Our meetings have moved to the fourth Monday of each month, and are now being held via Zoom due to social distancing requirements.     We can still have homeowners forum,  just contact us if you’d like to join and we’ll send you a Zoom invite.


Garage sale and water restrictions

Hello everyone.    I wanted to pass along some important reminders.   We have another community wide garage sale coming up on June 13.    We’re going to list this on the San Dimas city website.     I’ll try to post signs at the corner of San Dimas & Via Verde,  as well as San Dimas & San Dimas by the sign.    If anyone wants to volunteer to do this, it would be a huge help!

Water restrictions are now in effect.   Per the notice we received in the mail,  if you have an even number address,   your watering days are Monday & Thursday.    For odd numbered addresses,  the days are Tuesday & Friday.     In addition,  important to check that your irrigation system does not cause runoff.   This can be considered a violation of the special conditions (item 6a. on the GSWC letter)

Lastly,  I know many of us have our gardeners set our sprinkler timers.  Some gardeners (mine included) may be unaware of the restrictions.   I recommend communicating with your gardener–if applicable–to make sure your irrigation controls are properly set to avoid penalties from the water company.


5-5-2015 Meeting Postponed

Tonight’s meeting at Lordon has been postponed.  Sorry for any inconvenience.   We will let you know when it’s been rescheduled for later in the month.


Random beeps

Hi all.   I’ve noticed at night,  when things are quiet,  I hear random beeps from all directions.     Heard it at the perfect time on my own house.   For those of us with FiOS installations,  we have a battery backup in there that keeps telephones working during a power failure.     If you open up your utility closet–usually where your electric meter is–you’ll find the FiOS unit.    You may have a red light on your box.   If so,  you can silence the alarm,  but it’s best to find a replacement battery.   See attached picture for what mine looks like.   Yours may differ depending on when your installation was done.      Verizon says these are available at most home improvement stores,  I’ve seen them online at Amazon and eBay as well.

Verizon Battery for FiOS

User replaceable FiOS battery


Agenda for Tonight’s Meeting

June 4th Agenda


7:30 PM • June 4th 2013 • 1275 Centre Court Drive, Covina


7:30 PM          Call to Order

7:30 PM          Homeowners Forum (maximum of five minutes per speaker)

7:10 PM          Reading and approval of previous meeting minutes

7:20 PM          Board review and approval of Financial Report

7:30 PM          Report of the Architectural Review Committee and relevant Board action

7:35 PM          Report of the Landscape Committee and relevant Board action (bids)

7:50 PM          Community Association Manager report

-       Board action on investment of Association funds

-       Review of Association telecommunications log

Review of incoming correspondence-Homeowner requests

-       Review of Escrow Log

-       Review of monthly Calendar

-       Delinquent owner accounts requiring lien authorization from the Board

8:15 PM          Old Business


Mail Boxes

8:30 PM               New Business

Back Flow Theft

8:45 PM          Adjourn with announcement of next meeting and location




Executive Session Agenda

June 4th 2013 • 1275 Centre Court Drive, Covina




8:50 PM          Call to Order

8:55 PM          Reading and approval of previous executive session minutes

9:00 PM          Update on status of delinquent accounts

9:15 PM          Executive Correspondence

9:30 PM          Adjourn


Meeting April 2nd, 2013

Hello, all.  Please see attached for the agenda for the meeting April 2nd, 2013.     Hope to see you there!

Agenda–Report agenda 3-13




Mailbox Inserts

Hello, all. It’s been a busy month!   Here’s a few of the things going on in our community:

New Board Member

We’d like to all welcome Sue D. as our newest member of the Board of Directors.  She will be serving as Member At Large.      Thanks for joining, Sue!

Tree Trimming

  • Tree trimming has begun for some of the most egregious trees,  and will continue through the month of February.
  • We hope to have it done by the end of February.
  • Peppers,  Pines, and Palm trees are on the list of trees this round.


We have not yet received bids for mailboxes, so the Board does not have a decision on which direction we will be going.    Our options are:

  • Replace all mailboxes with individual locking mailboxes
  • Switch from individual mailboxes to centralized one-per-street type of locking mailboxes
  • Install locking inserts for our existing mailboxes.

With the mail theft that has been happening,  many homeowners have expressed interest in an immediate solution.     Some of us have opted to install our own locking insert.    These can be found here (the smallest size available will fit our boxes)  at The Mailbox Shoppe.   If you choose to get one of these,  save your receipt!   It will come in handy if the Board decides to use locking inserts as the solution.

I went ahead and installed one,  as have other Board members.    They’re quite simple to install.  I’ve assembled a short video here showing how I did it.


Water Pressure and Expansion Tanks

I found a solution to a problem I have been having at the house for years.   My water pressure is regulated by a pressure regulator,  so water coming in from the street at 130psi is brought down to 60psi before it enters my house.   All of our houses should have one of these.     However whenever I used hot water,  I would notice in the minutes that followed that my water pressure would skyrocket and water would spit out of my faucets very quickly for a few seconds,  and then the pressure would be back to normal.     It turns out that our pressure regulators are also acting as check valves,  not letting pressure from inside our house back into the water supply.      What came recommended was an expansion tank.    These are simple devices that absorb expansion from the activity of your water heater.    NOTE: this problem may not apply to tankless water heaters.


I’ve put together a video showing a demonstration of the problem I was having,  and how the solution worked for me.   Of course your mileage may vary.   One thing is certain though:   All of us must check our water pressure yearly, and if you suspect you are having any variances in water pressure,  seek the advice of a plumber.     If you don’t have access to a pressure tester,  they can be bought for $12 over at Ace Hardware in San Dimas.    Otherwise,  you can drop me a line and I can swing by on one of my weekend walks around the community and you can test your pressure.     I can’t stress the importance of this enough.   We’ve had several members of our community suffer plumbing failures that have been very costly in time,  money, and personal property. The pressure from our water supply is about 130psi. Our houses should not have more than 80psi in the pipes.

Here is a video I posted on Youtube showing my diagnosis of the problem, and the installation of my expansion tank.



Extra Storage

After putting all of the holiday decorations back into bins, and away for the year,  it’s easy to see that storage isn’t abundant in our houses.     This year I decided to utilize the empty space above my roll-up garage door.   It’s not much,  but can easily swallow a dozen bins and some luggage.     For about $100 in lumber and hardware,  and an afternoon for the do-it-yourself’er, you can have a similar setup.


  • 6 lengths of chain, 20″ each
  • 6 lag hooks
  • 6 lag bolts
  • 8 pieces of 2x3x8 lumber
  • 2 sheets of 13/32 plywood 4×8

First,  I used 2x3x8 framing lumber to make a cleat onto the wall above my roll-up garage door.     Due to a beam across the ceiling,  I decided that a 32″ deep shelf would be  the best depth.

framing 01

This shows the cleat and the frame being built

Then I found the studs (ceiling joists) and marked the width of them.  Accurate stud finding is important here.  It’s important that you screw the hooks into the CENTER of the joists.     Hang the chain,  and then while supporting the frame with a ladder,   attach the chain to the frame and place the plywood onto the frame.


further assembly

Attach the rest of the chains,  and level the shelves.    Once they’re up,  nail the plywood to the frame for added strength.  I’m enjoying the added storage!    Contact me if you want detailed instructions or wish to swing by for a look!    You should only do this if you are experienced in construction,  or seek help from a contractor.

Final Shelf 01

Easily makes bins disappear.

Plenty of clearance for roll-up garage door!


Irrigation update

Hello, all.   I’m writing this to give you an update on our landscaping.     After the last heat wave,  many of our slopes went dry.   This is especially evident on Calle Adriana and on San Dimas Ave east of Calle Sabina and around Calle Renata.     At the same time,  our watering was increased by our landscapers,  but did not prove effective due to excess runoff.    Our water bills have more than doubled in the recent months.

We discovered that the water saving features of our sprinkler timers were not being used properly.  To rectify this,  with the help of a consultant,  we have now properly programmed our sprinkler timers to avoid runoff on the slopes with shorter, more frequent watering patterns.   Broken weather stations have been replaced, and are now properly communicating to the timers.   You will notice a lot of changes in the coming weeks,  with the times that sprinklers come on,  and for how long.   It will take some time for dry spots to be replanted and fill in.   We are isolating problem areas,  such as the dry spots listed above,  adjustments will be made.
With water prices increasing as they are,  we cannot simply revert to overwatering to fix dry foliage as was done in the past.  With our slopes,  this excess watering produces too much runoff.  On behalf of the entire Board of Directors,  I thank you for your patience.    It will take months to dial everything in,  but in the end we will have our irrigation dialed in and future proof.